• Barfis

    • White Barfi

      White Barfi


      Tasty milk fudge composed of milk and sugar mixed with grounded cardamom (ilaychi).

    • Gajrela Barfi

      Gajrela Barfi


      Freshly shredded carrots combined with milk and sugar to create a soft yummy sweet pastry.

      Also known as known as Carrot Halwa or gajar ka gajerela.

    • Milk Cake

      Milk Cake


      Milk and sugar, cooked over a period of time to create a delicious delicacy.

    • Green Barfi

      Green Barfi


      Tasteful milk fudge composed of milk and sugar topped with crushed pistachio.

      Also known as pista(pistachio) barfi.

    • Pink Barfi

      Pink Barfi


      Divine milk fudge composed of milk and sugar mixed with desiccated coconut.

      Also known as coconut barfi.

    • Besan Barfi

      Besan Barfi


      Besan barfi a heavenly delicacy made with besan (chickpea flour), pure Indian ghee, milk and sugar; cooked over time to formed into a thick yet soft texture.

    • Roasted Barfi

      Roasted Barfi


      Tasty milk fudge composed of milk and sugar, mixed with various roasted nuts.

    • Mango Barfi

      Mango Barfi


      Delicious milk fudge composed of milk and sugar combined with mango essence.

    • Kaju Barfi

      Kaju Barfi


      Freshly crushed cashews (kaju), cooked over time with sugar. Resulting in a tasteful nutty sweet. Made with 100% cashews.
      May be available, please call.

    • Kalakand



      Kalakand is a popular Indian sweet made out of solidified, sweetened milk and cottage cheese. It is very soft to the touch and has almond flakes added on top for additional flavouring.

    • Snacks

    • Matthi



      Matthi is an fried Indian cracker made out of dough, seasoned with Indian herbs & spices.

    • (NA) Namak Para

      (NA) Namak Para


      NOT AVAILABLE FOR ORDERS, Namak paare is crunchy pastry like snack lightly seasoned with salt, carom seeds and cumin seeds. Can be great for all occasions and events, tasty when eaten with Indian pickle.

    • Shakkar Para

      Shakkar Para


      Similar to the Namak pare but instead of salt and the seeds, Shakkar Para is coated with sugar. It is crunchy but where Namak para is crispy,  Shakkar Para’s consistency is a bit softer making a great snack for festive seasons and happy times.

    • Gur Para

      Gur Para


      Similar to the Shakkar Para but instead of white sugar, Gur Para is coated with rich brown sugar. It is also seasoned with a hint of salt creating a caramel taste.

    • Semiya



      Semiya is made up of besan flower with added salt and spices, it if very crunchy and fun when eaten. Semiya is especially tasty when eaten along with Badana to give a mix salty and sweet flavor.

    • Other Sweets

    • Pera



      A sweet from the Indian subcontinent, usually prepared in thick, semi-soft pieces. The main ingredients are khoa, sugar and flavoring such as pistachio nuts on top. The colour varies from a creamy white to a light caramel colour.

    • Boondi Ladoo

      Boondi Ladoo


      Boondi ladoo dish is made from a mixture of chickpea flour which is fried in droplets then dipped in sugar and finally shaped into balls.
      Deap Sweets only sells Boondi ladoo, which the chickpea flour droplets are bigger in size than motichoor ladoos.

    • Besan Ladoo

      Besan Ladoo


      Chickpea flour is roasted in ghee till golden brown appearance. Sugar is then added to it. From this mixture balls are formed by hand. Beasan ladoo has a long shelf life and is served at festivals, family events and religious occasions.

    • Mysore Pak

      Mysore Pak


      May be available, please call.
      Mysore pak is a semi-hard crunchy rich sweet dish prepared in butter. It is made of generous amounts of ghee, sugar, chickpea flour, and often cardamom and is normally topped with pistachios.

    • Khoya Pinni

      Khoya Pinni


      Available through orders only.
      Khoya Pinni is made from desi ghee, wheat flour and almonds. Raisins are also used. Great for a afternoon snack with tea.

    • Syrup Sweets

    • Jalebi



      Jalebi is made by deep-frying a wheat flour batter in pretzel or circular shapes, which are then soaked in sugar syrup. They are particularly popular during festive events such as Ramadan and Diwali.

    • Gulab Jamun

      Gulab Jamun


      Gulab jamun is a milk-solids-based dessert; khoya is kneaded into dough, sometimes with a pinch of flour, and then shaped into small balls and deep-fried. The balls are then soaked in light sugary syrup. Gulab jamun is often served at weddings and birthday parties.

    • Kala Jamun

      Kala Jamun


      Kala Jamun is similar to the Gulab jamun but where the Gulab jamun is soft and melts in your mouth. The Kala Jamun is slightly over cooked and has a tougher texture, this gives it a distinct different taste.

    • Balushahi



      Balushahi is similar to a glazed doughnut in terms of ingredients, but differs in texture and taste. Balushahi is made of flour, and are deep-fried in clarified butter and then dipped in sugar syrup.

    • Badana



      Available through orders only.
      Badana is made by deep-frying a wheat flour batter in droplets, which are then soaked in sugar syrup. They are particularly popular during festive events and are great to eat with Semiya.