Are your sweets fresh?

Yes. We make our Indian sweets by traditional methods, right in our kitchen. We only use the best local ingredients and do not source work from outside, so you get the best quality.

What time do you open and close? And are you open on holidays?

We are opened Tuesday to Sunday - 3PM to 7PM. We open on all holidays and events (Yes, even on Christmas and New Years). If you are unsure please call (3pm - 7pm) or check the website for any updates in the future.

How many sweets fit in a 1kg box?

Because we cut the sweets by hand and not machines, pieces are not to exact sizes. Approximations for 1KG are as follows:

  • All Barfis (milkcake included): 24-25 pieces.

  • Pera: 18-19 pieces.

  • Gulab Jamun: 17-18 pieces.

  • Kala Jamun: 20-21 pieces.

  • Balushahi: 18-19 pieces.

  • Jalebi: 25-27 pieces.

PLEASE NOTE: the above listed pieces are an approximation.

Do you accept credit card or EFTPOS?

 No, sorry we do not accept credit cards or EFTPOS.

Do you do delivery?

 No, sorry we do not do delivery. Customers are welcomed to purchase the sweets directly from our storefront.